B e a n s D i g i

ABC Fall - Learning App

ABC Fall - Learning App is an easy-to-play and interactive alphabet learning app for kids. This app can be used to teach toddler kids. The app is perfect for kids that have just begun learning alphabets and sounds. This is free learning alphabets app for kids.

This is a children friendly educational app that helps them to learn the 26 wonderful English alphabets. And not just that, this app will also train your kids in recognizing and learning the names of different fruits, animals, and objects. This is fun learning game app for kids.

ABC Fall - Learning App will educate as well as entertain your kids at the same time. With the lovely songs and phonic sounds, beautiful images of fruits, animals and objects, and with interactive and fun learning experience, your kids will learn fairly quickly and easily. It is a very lightweight mobile app for young children. It is a colourful app that helps kids learn English alphabets and build their vocabulary through interactive application. Privacy Policy